Helping You to Understand the Vitamin E Deficiency and Its Signs and Symptoms

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Vitamin e deficiency only occurs rarely to humans. But once the disease hits your body, this will definitely cause problems in your neurological system and may even result to poor nerves.

Common disorders that may happen are the following:

  1. Spinocerebellar ataxia – this condition shows poor hand coordination as well as speech and eyes. This can be hereditary as well.
  2. Myopathies – this is a kind of muscular disease wherein the muscles all over your body starts to weaken.
  3. Anemia – because one target of this disease is to destroy the body’s red blood cells.

Probably you are thinking now that maybe, like in most cases, the reason why people are having this kind of disease is because of their poor eating habits. Actually, the answer to that is – no. One major reason why the person developed the disease is because of not being able to know the true benefits of vitamin e, and of course knowing the three common factors of having this disease would be:

  • People who are having problems with absorbing dietary fats.
  • Babies who are premature and with low birth weights.
  • People who have disorders with their metabolism.

So to prevent this kind of disease to occur, make sure that you have the sufficient amount of the vitamins every day. The most common recommended allowance for it would be:

  • Adult (male or female) – 10mg every day
  • Infant – 3 mg every day

Other signs of Vitamin e deficiency:

  1. Gastrointestinal disease
  2. Having dry or coarse hair
  3. Going bald
  4. Hair fall
  5. Having bald spots due to hair loss
  6. Weakening of the muscles all over the body
  7. Whenever you have scars or wound, you notice that it does not easily heal at once.
  8. Leg cramps
  9. Fragility of the red blood cells.
  10. Lower in count of the neurons.
  11. Enlargement of the prostate
  12. Not being able to conceive and have a child
  13. Miscarriages
  14. Wasting of the muscles
  15. Poor blood circulation
  16. The person looks older than his or her normal age.

How do you treat vitamin e deficiency?

The best solution to this kind of disease is quite obvious, eat a lot of food rich in the said nutrients and make sure that you accompany it with the proper daily exercise to boost your body’s metabolism and to strengthen your heart as well.